JSFoo: round the year submissions

JSFoo: round the year submissions

Submit talks on JavaScript and full stack engineering round the year

Karim Alibhai


Break MORE Things?!?

Submitted May 1, 2018

“Sorry, try again later.” It is the scariest message a user can see. Our users deserve better. What if we chose to embrace failure instead of avoiding it? For instance, we could consume API requests through observables instead of through promises. With multi-value responses, we can: render from cache while concurrently fetching real-time data, secretly attempt retries on failure, transparently avoid resource exhaustion through circuit breakers, & split requests based on network latency. In my talk, we’ll go over live demos and production examples that show the benefits of resilience patterns in JavaScript & how implementing them leads to improved systems with more rewarding user experiences – after all, isn’t that what we all want?


In this talk, I talk about how availability used to be defined vs. how we should be defining it. I move on to cover a couple of resilience components that are useful to both front-end & back-end developers along with production examples of how they help increase stability. Once we have covered this, I briefly discuss fault-injection & how it helps us set acceptance criteria in situations of failure. Finally, I take a bow & answer questions that people may have.

Speaker bio

I’m a Senior Bug Creator @ Foko Retail which basically means that I get paid to sit behind a desk and create lots of bugs that we sometimes call “features”. I’ve been writing JavaScript for about 10 years now & have loved every second of it. It always amazes me how much extensibility and dynamic behavior JS brings to development. I’m also an advocate for better DX & love working on tools and processes that can help augment a developer’s life. Part of this journey has been learning that building more stable systems is more a product of treating error handling as an art than to do with removing bugs. I’ve been fortuanate enough to have the opportunity to speak at a few events as well as teach web development before. It’s my favourite part of the development life & I love opportunities to share my experiences while learning about experiences from the community.




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