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Web Components: What they are and How they work?

Submitted by Diwanshi Pandey (@diwanshipandey) on Thursday, 2 August 2018

Section: Full talk Technical level: Intermediate


Web Components — what are they, and how do they work? Imagine how much easier front-end web development would be if your HTML elements alone were powerful enough to build the client-side of a modern, dynamic web page. What if you could make your own custom elements and access a large, open-source community of ready-to-use components like buttons, toolbars, chat windows, maps and other common front-end features, saving you the trouble of having to build those elements yourself?


Introduction - 10 mins

  • What are Web Components?
  • Why do we need them?

Pillars of Web Components - 10 mins

  • Four Pillars - Custom elements, Shadow DOM, Templates, HTML imports
  • Where are they used and how you can use them?

Creating a Web Component using Angular 5 - 15 mins

  • A basic example of a component using angular 5

Customizing Web Components - 15 mins

  • Build upon the basic example and add some customizations
  • Input Output Components

Final Q&A - 10 mins


Laptop with angular cli installed on it

Speaker bio

Diwanshi is a Mozilla TechSpeaker and works for RedHat as a FullStack Developer. She talks about javascript, Privacy and Security over the web, open source. You can ask her about Angular, Typescript and Node js


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