George James


Use PureScript and build your own UI framework

Submitted Feb 27, 2023

Build a cross platform UI framework which is capable of rending platform native UI.

Why build our own UI framework?
It is important to render platform native UI, since web UI on other platforms is considerably non performant. Almost all existing solutions were built focusing on being the primary UI power house of the App it was a part of, therefore the overhead in terms of size and control in the app was high.
We needed something that was light weight but could do everything that could be achieved natively.

Why we did, what we did?
We chose purescript for multiple reasons,

  1. it gave us a strictly type syntax. Which ensured that we would have very few to no runtime crashes as long as we wrote code within the language.
  2. It gave us the capability to write code like equations. This allowed code to be very readable, and very was very good to build frameworks.

We decided to move towards an elm architecture based framework, rather than an event driven framework to achieve. This allowed us to have a more declarative UI and keep code much more traceable in the future.

Who is this talk important for and how will it impact?
This talk will be useful to anyone designing software meant to run as a library. It will guide them toward taking better decisions when building similar systems of their own.

About me :
My name is George James. I have been working with Juspay Technologies for sometime over five years. I’m one of the lead developers in the frontend team.


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