CSS loading and Critical CSS

CSS loading and Critical CSS

Solving for CSS loading optimizations



Raghavendra Satish Peri


Optimizing a WordPress site for better load time & speed

Submitted Aug 31, 2021

Optimizing a website is crucial for better SEO & Sales. But will small businesses & self-hosted blogs will be able to catch-up with this changing technology. Can we adopt some of the requirements without spending a lot of money or learning lot of tech stuff?
Optimizing a WordPress site for better load time & speed

In this talk I will be sharing my personal experience of how I optimized my Digital accessibility blog https.www.digitala11y.com using the free tools available.

Before the google new page experience came into existence, I evaluated both free & paid options that are available in the market. I will be sharing the following
WordPress plug-ins& themes evaluated
Evaluation of hosting providers
Content delivery networks

The website focuses on web accessibility, so I need to make sure none of the optimization techniques affect accessibility. When I implemented SOME OF THE TECHNIQUES I READ ON THE WEB, SCREEN READER WAS NOT ABLE TO SOME OF THE CONTENT THAT ARE DEPENDENT ON CSS & JS.

I also tried moving to Gatsby by using the WordPress as headless CMS. But the process seemed very technical & needs more time & expertise.


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