JSFoo Pune 2020

JSFoo Pune 2020

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Deepika Beelwan

Accessible Widgets

Submitted Feb 11, 2020

This presentation is driven by a singular challenge of making the custom widgets like Custom form(including custom checkboxes, combobox, etc), tab panel, Carousel, etc accessible. I will be addressing the gaps/problems that people with disabilities face while working in inaccessible environment(more specifically, in web) and exploring the ways to make the custom widgets acccessible for Assistive technologies users. Main focus of this presentation will be to get familiar with ARIA(Accessible Rich Internet Applications) and the role it plays when it comes to web accessibility.
The use of ARIA properties and attributes will be demonstrated with the help of examples. I will conclude with the advantages of using ARIA and further challenges that can be worked on as future scope.


  1. Overview on ARIA
  2. Role that ARIA plays when it comes to making custom widgets accessible
  3. Demonstrating few examples of accessible custom widgets and how to achieve them using ARIA.

Speaker bio

Working as a full time accessibility consultant in Deque Software pvt ltd. Therefore, familiar with the issues faced by differently abled when using Digital platforms and the ways in which we can acheive digital equality.I’ve a bent towards public speaking and interacting with diversified groups.When not working,love to sing and cook.




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