JSFoo 2018

JSFoo 2018

On JavaScript and Security

Saptak Sengupta


Why Should I Use a Linter?

Submitted Aug 28, 2018

This talk is going to be about the importance of linting in an open source javascript codebase or any codebase with lot of contributors. A well-readable codebase, even when decentralized should feel like it was written by an individual following the same standards throughout. Linting helps us do that. This talk will include the use of linting, why it is important and real world examples with bunch of case studies where linting really helps us not only to write well styled code, but also to prevent bugs in future.


  1. What is a bug?
  2. What is Linting and Linter?
  3. Three important things that linting covers - programmer bugs, impose best practices, styling guides
  4. Case studies of a programmer bugs
  5. Case studies of how best practices help
  6. Why use style guides and how it helps the entire team?
  7. Different options like Standard, Google and Airbnb to build on top of
  8. What is CI?
  9. Integrate with CI to ensure everyone has to follow the linter


An impressive ability to adapt.

Speaker bio

Saptak Sengupta is a contributor and maintainer of various open source projects. FOSSASIA, jQuery, Freedom of the Press Foundation and Gitcoin are few organizations under his belt. He is currently working as a Frontend Developer at Gitcoin. He is also associated with programs like Google Summer of Code, Google Code-In, and Rails Girls Summer of Code as a mentor/supervisor. As an open-source evangelist, he also likes to help out people with programming in general. His core area of dabbling is JavaScript and Python. He has previously given talks in FOSSASIA Summit, FOSSMeet, DevConf India and other local meetups.


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