JSFoo 2018

JSFoo 2018

On JavaScript and Security

Divyendu Singh


End to end type safety with GraphQL

Submitted Sep 11, 2018

GraphQL brings strong typing on top of data exchange capacities. One of the biggest advantages of GraphQL over REST is that it is strongly typed. In this talk, we will go through the tools that introspect a GraphQL schema and generate code in various parts of the stack to provide type-safety across stack.

This is a powerful feature for corportates and bigger fast moving projects because it makes writing outdated/wrong code difficult and this is also a breeze for beginners because it provides autocomplete across stack aka type-system becomes the documentation.


Here is a rough outline of the talk.

  1. Briefly introduce GraphQL and its type system.
  2. Briefly introduce Typescript and autocompletion.
  3. Make a small GraphQL server from a boilerplate.
  4. Use tools to generate type-safe code.
  5. Demo autocompletion and other features.

While the title of the topic is advanced. The content will be targeted for beginners.

Speaker bio

Divyendu is currently working at Prisma around the GraphQL ecosystem. Specifically, around tools that help achieve end-to-end type-safety. He also works very heavily around the GraphQL ecosystem in open-source and plans to help people who want to contribute.



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