JSFoo 2018

JSFoo 2018

On JavaScript and Security

Vijay Dharap


Curious Case of Ionic4

Submitted May 7, 2018

Why should we even care about Ionic?

All those JS developers out there - who always wanted to build Mobile apps but did not know/have time for investing in Android and iOS ecosystems… Ionic is your dream-come-true. Ionic has been a darling for such web developers for at least 4-5 years now. Ionic has always placed maximum emphasis on User Experience than on anything else!

What Ionic Always excelled at?

  1. Create beautiful apps in no time!
  2. Cross platform Mobile Apps using Cordova in the background. So Ionic runs wherever Cordova App Runs.
  3. Write application code once but get specific “native” looks and feel to the each of the base Mobile OS.
  4. Animations and micro interactions included out of the box (and are specific to each mobile OS again).
  5. Highly highly customizable and themable.
  6. Great documentation with live examples for everything.
  7. Access to all the Cordova plugins natively within the Angular apps.

But as if this was not sufficient… From late 2017 - Ionic team has made some really great strides in all right directions. Ionic 4 apps would be:

  1. PWA by default
  2. Framework Agnostic Components - Can use in Angular, React or in Vue.. OR without any of them!
  3. Creating a faster alternative to Cordova via Ionic Capacitor
  4. Still offer everything under MIT license for maximum utility to end developers

What would audience learn?

  • Value and agility which Ionic can bring to their apps.
  • Why it pays to Focus on User experience.
  • Freedom of choice of Framework to use and still continue to enjoy benefits of Ionic components.
  • Consultation on Ionic Adaption (via unconference/workshop)


Curious Case of Ionic4

  • Introduction to Ionic components and quick demo (pre-coded) of a simple Ionic App
  • Brief introduction to Capacitor and stencil
  • PWA nature of Ionic app - No need of “app” and installation!
  • Showcasing freedom of choice of web frameworks via pre-coded demos

I will prepare slides and preview video in coming days and submit the same.


Some knnoweldge about challanges of fitting a web application into mobile application can be a plus point but is not required.

Speaker bio

Vijay has been speaker at various conferences including JSFoo 2017 and ReactFoo Pune 2018.

Vijay is Principal Architect at Infosys. He is Open Source Evangelist and Developer Advocate within and outside of Infosys. Vijay organizes yearly technology conference within Infosys. While a Java veteran for many years, in last 5 years, Vijay has focused completely on UI and UX and has spearheaded Front-end development of many large enterprise projects. He has always tried incorporate all the best practices in JS and CSS world in his projects. He loves everything about UX and has been very particular about providing the Best User Experience to the end users.

Vijay has helped his client see benefits of Ionic and have convinced them to move to Ionic instead of “force-fitting” a web application into a mobile apps - degrading the “App” experience severely.


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