JSFoo 2017

JSFoo is a conference about JavaScript and everything related.

Ean Schuessler


Your Browser on My Virtual Machine

Submitted Sep 11, 2017

Demonstrate the use of React/Redux in Web Extensions and the use of portable JavaScript across multiple environments including Java’s Nashorn.


  • What are Web Extensions
  • Isomorphic JavaScript
  • Reusing logic on the server
  • JavaScript for Java applications, facing reality
  • Evolution of callback oriented programming in JavaScript
  • React/Redux overview and differences when using Web Extensions
  • A sample Web Extension with Isomorphic JavaScript, FilterBubbler
  • What are “filter bubbles”?
  • How does FilterBubbler work?
  • Q&A

Speaker bio

Ean Schuessler is co-founder of Dallas-based digital media consultancy,
Brainfood with his brother Erik Schuessler. He is a long-time participant in
the Debian project and collaborated in the creation of the Debian Social
Contract which inspired the Open Source Definition. He also served as
President of Software in the Public Interest, an umbrella organization that
holds property and provides other services for Debian and other Free Software
Ean has been a critical participant in the Free Java movement from its
beginning. Brainfood released its first commercial Java-based website on
Acme.Serve in 1997. Ean was an early maintainer of the Debian Kaffe package
and currently is active in the Apache OFBiz effort to create a Free Software
ERP system.
Deeply interested in the role of software in public welfare Ean was a founding
member of Open Source for America and the Internet Open Records Project.
Ean is also active in robotics, collaborating with David Hanson and Ben
Goertzel in the effort to create super realistic androids. Ean achieved a
ranking of 35 in the middle class weight group of Battlebots in 2001 with
Brainfood alumni Jerry Pommer and Eric Molitor.




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