JSFoo 2017

JSFoo is a conference about JavaScript and everything related.

Rabimba Karanjai


State of WebVR and how you create your reality using aframe!

Submitted Jan 12, 2017

Virtual Reality is a new technology used for building realistic experiences for games, environments, content display as well as marketing. In this session we will talk about Web Virtual Reality and the present state of it. We will talk about different use cases and the state WebVR is at present. The session will start with present state of affairs of WebVR, it’s support in different browsers and then will roll into different use cases of WebVR and its applicability. We will then introduce aframe,a declarative entity-component-system framework. In this talk we would understand the building blocks of creating a virtual reality applications in web. We will see the possibilities and how we can create a multi user immersive virtual reality application where poople from different geography can take part in real time!


  • Introduction
  • What is Virtual Reality
    • Why everyone is interested in it
    • Who are the present players.
    • Where does it work at present
  • Where comes the web? What is WebVR
    • Where are the specs
    • What does it support
    • How can we create on it
  • What WebVR can do
  • What API mashups we can do and what is possible right now
  • Live Demo 1
  • Live Demo 2
  • Showing frameworks through which we can do this easily
  • How to visualize your creation
  • What does it support now
  • Live Demo 3
  • Live Demo 4
  • Live Coding 1
  • Things we can build
  • Live Virtual Reality assistant demo
  • Making Games (demo video of the game)
  • Protoytyping and showing a toolkit where you can rapidly create you virtual reality scenes using just voice and wiriting your dream
  • Introducing the community
  • How you can contribute


A place to have some Google Cradbaords to do live demo.

Speaker bio

Full Time Graduate Researcher, part time hacker and FOSS enthusiast I used to write code for IBM Watson and do a bunch of other things at their lab . At present crawling my way towards a PhD at RICE University.
I contribute with Mozilla WebVR,Security and Emerging Technologies team and also a Mozilla TechSpeaker. Have been recognized for the contribution in firefox in it’s about:credits page



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