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Prateek Bhatnagar


Progressive Web Games

Submitted Sep 7, 2017

This talk aims in driving motivation to bring game developers to mobile web. We have tons of games in playstore and apple store which are perfect candidates of PWAs. This talk will cover what it takes to make games super fast and interactive on mobile web. How to skip gigantic download wait time and keep the user engaged.
Also it includes techniques to do proper asset caching and parallel download to keep the game stage as ready as it can be.


Talk will be broken in 5 parts.

  1. creating the shell, preloading techniques for game assets
  2. user login mechanisms
  3. game creation with babylonjs
  4. fine tuning for 60fps on mobile
  5. configuring service worker runtime strategies for game assets, and fixing other PWA metrics like display modes, icons, portraits etc.

Speaker bio

I am a UX engineer @ Google.
I work on service worker framework workbox.js and am a contributor to preact universe.
PWAs and browser perf is what I experiment upon


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