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Vijay Dharap


Learning Webpack - One step at a time

Submitted May 9, 2017

WebPack has established itself as the choice of all top JS techies out there in 2016. However, due to it’s vastness and loose documentation, developers find adopting WebPack a tad heavier than its predecessors such as browserify or requirejs. In this talk, Vijay will aim to take the audience through various WebPack features and benefits via live demos.

At the end of the talk, you will be armed with information on how and why WebPack is better than other its predecessors and competition. You will also go back learning how to include the feature you desire quickly via the code repository.


You will learn:

a. Core features of WebPack with a demo
b. How we can make it even more useful by adding about 20 plugin / loaders. (with demos for each)
c. How we can make make use of hot-module-replacement (HMR) to simplify devel workflow.
d. Creating Dev build vs Prod build
e. The most talked about and shiny new feature - tree shaking!
f. Sharing a repository with demo code outlining all the concepts above


Basic knowledge of Javascript, some experience on developing actual web applications could be useful.

Speaker bio

Vijay is Principal Architect at Infosys.He is Open Source Evangelist and Developer Advocate within and outside of Infosys. Vijay organizes yearly technology conference within Infosys. He has also been a speaker at other conference in India.

While a Java veteran for many years, in last 4 years, Vijay has focussed completely on UI and UX and has spearheaded Front-end development of many large enterprise projects. He has always tried incorporate all the best practices in JS and CSS world in his projects. He loves everything about UX and has been very particular about providing the Best User Experience to the end users.

Vijay has more than one year of experience in webpack and has used webpack in many projects in his enterprise.




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