JSFoo 2017

JSFoo is a conference about JavaScript and everything related.

Jonathan Pereira


Interactively visualizing complex data using JS

Submitted Jun 15, 2017

A discussion on how to ‘zoom and filter’ complex data by transforming the dataset using the trending visualization techniques to help analyze and interpret the data interactively to make it more applicable to the situation.


The idea of the talk is to get the developer understand the complexity of the dataset and how relevant visualization could help simplify the data to offer a better understanding of the data. The talk would walk through the process of filtering out data to focus on relevant items and sorting the items to showcase a hidden pattern within the data. Items can then be filtered or manipulated to offer a better analysis of the now simplified dataset.



Speaker bio

Evangelist at FusionCharts - a company making JavaScript charting for grown-ups. Trusted by 24,000 customers in 118 countries.



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