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rohit dhamija


Hybrid Mobile Development with Oracle JET

Submitted May 31, 2017

Hybrid mobile application using Oracle Javascript Extension Toolkit. Key takeaways:
What are Native, Web and Hybrid Apps and how they are different
How to build Cordova based JET Hybrid Application
Demonstrating Code and Demo


The talk will be divided into three main sections

  1. Different type of mobile application development
  2. How to develop hybrid mobile application using Cordova and JET tooling
  3. Code showcasing how to utilize oracle jet tooling to develop google maps based mobile app



Speaker bio

Rohit is Principal Product Manager at Oracle India Pvt. Ltd currently focusing on increasing adoption of Oracle PaaS services among enterprise developers, having key focus on Oracle JET, MCS and integration with PaaS services. He is having 14+ years of total experience, has done small to large scale mobility implementations in the enterprise and consumer mobility space following a unique UX design led engineering approach to solution architecting and design.




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