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Hari Krishna Kanchi


Building offline webapps that works in intermittent internet conditions using serviceWorkers

Submitted Jun 16, 2017

Building offline functionality for web applications has become very easy now a days. Especially by the introduction of serviceWorkers. But the tricky part is how well these web applications work in very bad internet conditions.


  1. Introduction to Offline webapp
  2. Challenges to build offline web apps
  3. Serving web page offline using serviceWorker
  4. Offline storage
  5. Handling intermittent internet conditions
    a. Retry mechanisms
    b. Persistent message passing system
    b. Optimizing API calls
  6. Performance

Speaker bio

Hi, I am Hari krishna. I am a developer at ThoughtWorks. I have been working on offline web applications more than 2 years and I have been consulting other projects to come up with offline solutions. Along with I have been involved in building this capability inside Thoughtworks by taking up the sessions.


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