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JavaScript Design Patterns

Submitted by Sumit Jolly (@sumitjolly) on Monday, 29 May 2017

Section: Full Talk Technical level: Intermediate Status: Cancelled


What is a pattern?
Design patterns are reusable solutions to commonly occurring problems in software design.
  Why we need a design pattern in JavaScript?
“A design that doesn’t take change into account risks major redesign in the future.” - Erich Gamma   Hence, to avoid risks in future it’s essential to design our app by adopting Design Patterns. Design patterns are popular among backend developer community. Hence as JavaScript developers we shall leverage design patterns effectively.
  Some case studies of design patterns
Will talk about commonly used patterns like Singleton, Constructor, Factory pattern.


Make your programming life easy. Design Patterns give a software developer an array of tried and tested solutions to common problems, thus reducing the technical risk to the project by not having to employ a new and untested design. This talk is intended to help you adopting design patterns in JavaScript programming language.

Speaker bio

I am Microsoft MVP and speak at many Meetups and conferences regularly:

Please refer my profile at https://mvp.microsoft.com/en-us/PublicProfile/5001992?fullName=Sumit%20%20Jolly

Please refer few links of conferences where I spoke recently:

http://www.c-sharpcorner.com/events/global-azure-bootcamp-2017 [Global Azure Bootcamp 2017, Topic: Running Docker Containers in the Azure]

http://conference.c-sharpcorner.com/ [Topic: Getting Started with ReactJS, April 2017]

http://bit.ly/2n9mTk7 [ IEEE in collaboration with Microsoft at New Delhi, 2017]

http://www.techbhubaneswar.com/   [Topic: Orissa, India, 2016]

http://www.c-sharpcorner.com/events/learn-iot-azure-and-c-sharp-70 [Topic: Azure Functions - Serverless Architecture, Noida, 2017]




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  •   Ramesh Kartik.RS (@rameshkartik) 2 years ago

    Nice topic, Will be really useful for the client side JS programmers

  •   Lakshman Prasad (@becomingguru) 2 years ago

    Awesome. Looking forward!

  •   Sumit Parihar (@sumitrix) 2 years ago


  •   Mukesh Yadav (@mukesh) 2 years ago

    looking forward to attend this session.

  •   Sandhya Ramesh (@sandhyaramesh) 2 years ago

    Hi Sumit, in order to proceed with your proposal’s evaluation, please submit your slide deck and a two minute video recording yourself speak about your talk. Thanks!

    •   Sumit Jolly (@sumitjolly) Proposer 2 years ago

      Hi @sandhyaramesh sure, i’ll do it asap.

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