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Tarun Garg


What's "Progressive" in PWA?

Submitted Aug 15, 2016

When we talk about Progressive web apps, first question that question poping out of developer’s mind is But Service workers are not supported in IE,Edge and Safari. Correct they are not supported yet, but does this stop us from making our web app Progressive?
Well, the essence of progressive in PWA is that even if user’s system does not support some features you should not let user suffer from this.That’s why they makers of the term said, all of the enhancements should be done progressively.

Some common scenerios that should come in developer’s mind when thinking of PWA :-

  • What features we should give Progressively?
  • What should it mean to user?
  • What if user denied any permission you wanted to access?
  • What if user’s browser does not support your XYZ feature yet?
  • What if everything fails?


Most of the web people today are very interested & passionate about a new jargon in web world that is Progressive Web apps.
But, wait did we ever think why it’s termed as Progressive web app.....
Is not that too much of an abstraction lying there as prespective of developer?

In this talk, we’ll be discussing what does Progressive thing mean in context of web app and what should it mean to user as well as developer.


Must have knowledge of Modern web features like geolocation, push notification, Service Worker, Fetch API.

Speaker bio

I am a fresher from YMCA University, Faridabad.
I have been into web development since last 2 years, so you can safely assume that I love web and it’s complexities. Lately, I have been learning and practicing a lot about how to improve the performance of a web app because #perfmatters and performance is what makes the engagement of user easy for developers.

My area of interest are ECMASCRIPT, critical render path, Progressive web apps and Node JS. I like coding standards pretty much because i believe in saying Your code is written once but it’ll be read many times, so I tend to adhere to those principles when programming either professionaly or in FOSS contributions.

Currently, I am working extensively in Angular JS, NodeJS{ mainly with express and build tooling} and Ionic. I also have grasp on build tools like gulp.



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