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Saurabh Kirtani


Cylon.JS – the IOT framework

Submitted Aug 15, 2016

IOT world is overwhelmed with devices and choices of frameworks to work with these devices. Behold!
Cylon.JS is here – Cylon.js is the next generation robotics framework that supports 43 different platforms – ranging from your Raspberry Pis to devices like Sphero or ARDrone. During this talk we’ll showcase how easy is it to work with Cylon.js, and integrate it with cloud (Azure) for ingesting data and performing real-time analytics


  • Javascript and IoT
  • How Cylon fits in - deep dive
  • Live demo
  • Real time ingestion and analytics on data

Speaker bio

Saurabh Kirtani has been working on IoT solutions, cloud-powered solutions, and web development, and has helped developers in the community build such solutions. At his current role as Tech Evangelist for Microsoft, he gets to work with startups and developers in the community building their products using the latest in technology. He is an active speaker at developer camps, community meetups in Delhi and popular tech conferences in India (JSFoo, Pycon, Open Source India, etc). Other than technology, he likes to travel to scenic places, follow cricket and watch particular comedy/suspense TV shows. He is reachable on Twitter at @saurabhkirtani.


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