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Leena S N

Leena S N


Test Driven Javascript - By Example

Submitted Jul 30, 2015

An advanced workshop to help people getting the real experience of writing Test Driven Code.


I had taken a beginner level workshop during the last JSFoo [https://jsfoo.in/2014/runup-bangalore] and feedback I received was to have another workshop on a much more complex codebase. And I would like to do that this time by building an application together which is not trivial.

If time permits, I would also extend it to look at different kinds of tooling for areas such as code complexity analysis, linting, coverage etc. using Grunt tasks which would help to integrate with Continuous Integration tools.

The structure of the talk will be:

  • Quick Overview of TDD
  • Build a Micropost application with TDD
  • How to “listen” to tests to avoid common pitfalls
  • Overview of tools [such as Continuous Integration for continuous feedback]
  • Q&A

More details about the structure can be found in the below Mindmap.



  • Experience with Javascript
  • Familiarity with Git
  • Have written some tests, but yet to get into the Rhythm

Speaker bio

Leena is the Head of Engineering @ Multunus. She was bitten by the TDD bug a couple of years ago. Having done enough TDD in Ruby/Rails, Javascript and Android, she’s moved onto Continuous Delivery (CD) in a big way - even spoke about CD in multiple conferences. She had conducted workshops on TDD and CD during as part of the pevious HasGeek conferences.


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