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Mahesh Salaria


NoFlo: JavaScript implementation of Flow based programming

Submitted Jul 15, 2015

Creating complex and flexible workflows with flow based programming NoFLo.
In computer programming, flow-based programming (FBP) is a programming paradigm that defines applications as networks of “black box” processes, which exchange data across predefined connections by message passing, where the connections are specified externally to the processes. These black box processes can be reconnected endlessly to form different applications without having to be changed internally. FBP is thus naturally component-oriented.


NoFlo is a JavaScript implementation of Flow-Based Programming (FBP). Separating the control flow of software from the actual software logic. Helping you organize large applications easier than traditional OOP paradigms, especially when importing and modifying large data sets. Advanced implementation of RIA using NoFlo for Marketing Automation Canvas.

Speaker bio

Mahesh Salaria is a Architect cum Developer Evangalist at Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd. Working on web technologies for Startups and SMEs. He’s having Product as well as Services industry experience of 9 years. Worked on various domains like Social Apps, Marketing Automation, Helpdesk and e-commerce and helped creating scalable products by choosing best suitable Frontend and Backend Tech stacks.


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