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Shyam Seshadri


NodeJS Workshop

Submitted Aug 2, 2015

This workshop is for JS Developers looking to get a head start in understanding NodeJS and want to learn how to use it for their own projects, as well as Developers who want to be able to quickly develop rest servers for their projects. By the end of this, developers will know how to start writing NodeJS applications, and understand the various bits and pieces of a NodeJS application


The NodeJS workshop will walk developers through starting their very own NodeJS projects from scratch. As part of the workshop, we will cover:

  • What is NodeJS, and how does it work?
  • The NPM system and adding modular dependencies
  • Understanding Package.json
  • NodeJS’ single threaded architecture and the Event Loop
  • Handling Async behavior for rapid processing
  • Working with external modules
  • Understanding ExpressJS
  • Creating configuration driven NodeJS servers
  • Working with MongoDB (If time permits)

Developers will work with one application that will be developed from scratch, step by step, during this entire workshop.


Requirements for attendees:

  • Prior JS experience (2+ years minimum)
  • Understanding of Servers and REST API
  • Understanding of Asynchronous APIs and calls
  • Comfortable with command line

System Requirements:

  • NodeJS (v0.12+)
  • Git (Not Github, but Git)
  • MongoDB (Will try and provide a common one, but just in case)
  • WebStorm
  • Your own laptops with all these setup

Speaker bio

I have been conducting hands-on trainings in AngularJS and NodeJS for over 2 years now, and have conducted over 40 workshops for various companies across the world. And every single one of my clients loves the hands-on nature of the trainings (look at my twitter for some examples).

I have also written two books for AngularJS for O’Reilly, and the latest one is called AngularJS Up and Running. I am an Ex-Googler who was part of the original AngularJS team, and now enjoy spending my time running trainings and workshops.




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