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Rabimba Karanjai


MozVR - Virtual Reality for the WebCitizen

Submitted Jul 28, 2015

The purpose of the session is to show the capability of WebVR and how MozVR can help them make interactive immersive content!
The goals include

  • Showing them the capability of VR, then make them realize the potential about WebVR/MozVR
  • Tech them to actually create immersive content. So the goal would be after the session they should not how to shoot 360/180 degree videos with commercial camera and make it work with MozVR
  • Teach them to hack on demos we already have. Goal is they should be able to hack into the building blocks of our presently available code


When you hear the words “virtual reality”, more often than not you will first think about games or sci-fi computers, not necessarily in that order. And while entertainment is still indeed the most common application of VR even today, the nascent market is slowly growing out of its shell and into more serious use cases. Like web browsing, for example. Mozilla has just announced the existence of MozVR, its own attempt to bring virtual reality and the Web together into one seamless, and still game-like, experience. And for that it is coming up with a open standard “WebVR” which other browser makers are also slowly embracing.

We will talk about WebVR, show a few demo’s of the session and then will have a short interactive session on how they can get their own content out and get them in VR!(using webvr).
The talk will go on to the usage of asm.js and webgl into the browser and how it manages the seamless experience we will hopefully experience at the session. The talk will also cover briefly how to tinker with the demo code and start building their own games/experience on top of them. Everything demo, every experince built in javascript and delivered to you through humble Firefox.

The marvel of what open web standards can mean!

  • We will go through a short demo of shooting a 360 degree (or 180 if we don’t get that camera) video of the workshop and will then experience it in MozVR right within the demo!
  • How we can build more demos (or games if anyone is ambitious!) using the building blocks of our present demos!

Speaker bio

Full Time Graduate Researcher, part time hacker and FOSS enthusiast.

I used to write code for Watson and do a bunch of other things at their lab (mostly deals with algorithm,NLP, Ontologies,reading papers among other stuff). At present intern at Almaden Research Center. And crawling my way towards a PhD at RICE University.

My present interest deviates towards security. Primarily static analysis and marginally towards systems.


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