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Andrew Fisher


Droids, JavaScript and Web Connected Hardware

Submitted Aug 6, 2015

Attendees will learn how JavaScript can be used to work with the physical world including Internet of Things “things” and Robots!


The world of hardware is becoming more and more connected - networks are becoming ubiquitous and the price of access to these networks is dropping. As such more physical devices in the real world are becoming tied to a service on the web.

In this short talk, Andrew will explore how JavaScript isbeing used to not only control physical things in the real world but also creating web applications that can talk to the real world too.


A desire to learn about how JS can be used to interact with the real world.

Speaker bio

Andrew Fisher is a member of the core Johnny-Five team, the most used framework for JS + Hardware, and is the creator and lead maintainer of node-pixel, an open source project for controlling LEDs from JavaScript. He is a co-author of the book, “Make: JavaScript Robotics” and has helped organise and run NodeBots workshops for thousands of developers around the region including Australia, China and Sri Lanka. Andrew also helps design hardware for teaching NodeBots workshops.

When not building robots, Andrew is the Chief Technology Officer and Head of Data Science for JBA, an Australian based consultancy focused on customer experience analysis and design.

  • github.com/ajfisher
  • twitter.com/ajfisher
  • droidsjs.ajf.io




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