JSFoo 2015

The future of JavaScript

Neha Singhal


Backbone And Marionette : Take Over The World

Submitted Jul 29, 2015

To showcase how my team and I at Adobe used the power of Backbone and Marionette to turbocharge our web app. I will be building a full single page application. Participants will come away having learnt powerful Backbone features and hopefully a clear understanding of building Single Page Applications.


Backbone may be one of the oldest kids on the block. I intend to show how it’s still the future of Javascript when it comes to production ready, maintainable code.

We start with how Backbone helped us out initially for the first version of our application at Adobe and why its such a great framework to use. Then we move on to how Marionette filled in the missing links and essentially turbocharged our application.

I will demonstrate features such as completely reusable components, messaging channels and plug and play views. I will also be building a full Single Page application demonstrating these.

I will also introduce you to Backbone.Radio, a feature that will be included along with the next version of Backbone. We’ll see how we can start using one of Marionette’s most powerful future additions today. We will also see a way to make it much better.

I’m also going to introduce you to one of our internal projects - the Cacheable Radio. Its an addon to the Backbone.Radio messaging channel that substantially increases the performance of Backbone Radio through browser caching. We’ll show how we use both Backbone Radio and Cacheable Radio in production and how you can too.


Basic understanding of Javascript. Thats all

Speaker bio

Harshit Jain is a developer at Adobe. He has been a web developer for 2 years with a passion for good UI/UX. He loves solving usability and performance issues with his team. He also has a deep passion for visual design. He loves music and playing his guitar in his free time. He also loves hacking away on new libraries and frameworks, trying to figure out if he can use it for his next project.




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