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Async with ES7/ES2016

Submitted Jun 17, 2015

Beating the hell out of callback hells!


This talk shall be all about saying our goodbyes to callback hell with ES7


A good idea of async functions and their problems.

Speaker bio

Hemanth has exposure to major scripting languages throughout his career and his major focus from couple of years have been on JavaScript, HTMl5 and CSS3.

He maintains strict discipline in coding, likes to adopt TDD and Agile process not only in his professional life, but also in all his FOSS contributions, he is core team member of Google Yeoman project and has published many node modules and ruby gems.

Currently he is working heavily on node.js specially on expressjs and koajs, he is also well versed with grunt and gulp (as published many gulp plugins).

His major area of interest and research is in ECMAScript, has delivered few talks with JSChannel (Partners with JSConf US).

He also writes technical articles at his blog (400+ articles so far) his <3 towards node made him to start nmotw.in [Node module of the week] that talks about one interesting node module of the week every week.




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