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Prathamesh Sonpatki

Prathamesh Sonpatki


A Sip of ReactJS

Submitted Jul 31, 2015

In this talk, I will first give an overview of React.js, a JavaScript library from Facebook for building user interfaces, covering core concepts such as building and composing components, virtual DOM, immutable data structures, one way data flow - which makes React really shine.

I will also discuss some of the React concepts which go against the traditional wisdom like mixing markup and display logic, not using templates etc.

I will be building an app based on Open Library throughout the session to explain features of React.

Audience will also get a taste of some of the unconventional ideas used in React which go against the traditional web development as well as a taste of how to build applications using React.


React JS challenges lot of conventional ideas in web development at the same time providing a simple model for web development. Lets start rethinking with components, virtual DOM, JSX and see how React really shines! In this talk we will take whirlwind tour of React JS.

We will be building an application based on Open Library API which will help us cover core features of React. At the end of session, we will have an overview of React and it’s powerful approach for building complex UIs.

Speaker bio

I work at BigBinary as software programmer. I build web applications using Rails and recently React.js!. I am interested in open source and contribute to many Ruby and Rails related projects. I use Emacs!




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