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JavaScript as the centerpiece of a complex web stack

Shyam Seshadri


Rapid Development with the MEAN Stack - or How I learned to love JavaScript

Submitted Aug 6, 2014

Understand what the MEAN stack is, and how a Full JavaScript stack can accelerate application development. To this aim, we will cover what is Node.js, why is it awesome, what is AngularJS and why is it awesome. Then, pulling it together, we will see how we can use something like MongoDB along with Node.js and AngularJS to rapidly develop scalable, maintainable web applications!


The MEAN stack has really caught on in the past year or so, and more and more companies are rapidly adopting one or all components of it. What does MEAN mean? Can JavaScript really work as a server-side technology? Why was AngularJS developed? How do they all play together. We will cover all this, and more, including:

  • Why has JavaScript been scary?
  • How does JavaScript actually work on the Server (with NodeJS)?
  • Understand how a single-threaded, event based architecture allows us to create super scalable servers.
  • Cover the beauty of AngularJS, which lets us write less, more focused code to do much more!
  • What it means when we say the MEAN stack.
  • Differentiate between the MEAN stack, and MEAN.io
  • Learn how we can leverage having the same programing language on server and client and reduce the amount of code we write.
  • How we could share business logic, validation logic and much more between the server and the client.


Not a handson workshop, so just come in with an open mind, and prepare to be converted!
Prior experience with JavaScript will be a plus

Speaker bio

Shyam Seshadri is the CEO & Director at Fundoo Solutions Private Limited ( http://www.befundoo.com ), a tech startup that is based out of Navi Mumbai. Shyam is a published author and has written two books on AngularJS for O’Reilly (the second one, called AngularJS Up & Running ( http://shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920033486.do ) is scheduled to be out soon).

Before he started Fundoo, he was a Senior Software Engineer at Google in Mountain View, where he also worked on AngularJS when it first started. He has an MBA in Marketing & Entrepreneurship from the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.

Nowadays, he spends his time working on awesome new products, consulting on high level architecture and complex projects and conducting AngularJS & NodeJS workshops internationally.


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