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Dharmendra Kumar


Creating Interactive 2D animations using WebGL

Submitted Jul 7, 2014

To show how to build interactive WebGL content that will run across all WebGL enabled browsers on both desktop and mobile platform.

What you will learn:

  1. How to publish WebGL content directly from Flash Professional CC 2014
  2. The basics of the WebGL runtime APIs for adding interactivity using Javascript
  3. How to work with flash professional movie-clips using WebGL runtime APIs for Javascript


Adobe Flash Professional CC 2014 has added the support for publishing to WebGL directly. You can now develop the content which targets all WebGL enabled browsers for both desktop and mobile, while taking full advantage of GPU acceleration. This is not a sprite sheet based solution so you can render your vector content with great fidelity and a reduced export size.

Flash Professional also exposes certain set of runtime Javascript APIs to add interactivity to your content. You will learn how to publish your new of existing content for WebGL. We will show you the basics of using WebGL runtime APIs to add interactivity to your content easily and also show you how to work with flash professional movie clips using the WebGL runtime Javascript APIs.


It will be good to have Flash Professional CC 2014 installed, you can get the trial version from http://www.adobe.com/in/products/flash.html. Users can then see the complete workflow themselves, otherwise we can share the exported content to begin with with everyone.

Speaker bio

Dharmendra Kumar has been working with Adobe for more than 7 years and currently a member of Adobe Flash Professional team. He was part of the team which worked on adding the WebGL support in Flash Professional.


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