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Harsh Kothari


Advanced jQuery Performance Tuning Tips and Tactics

Submitted Jul 14, 2014

jQuery is right now used in every web based application. But everyone has performance issue with jQuery. jQuery makes it quite easy for you to write some pretty inefficient code, so we’ll discuss how to develop in a terse style but with the best possible performance. In this talk I will demonstrate advance jQuery performance tips and tactics so that front end designing and jQuery randering become smooth and optimized and they can get better performance.


People’s understanding on jQuery performance is mostly simplistic. They do not pay attention in small thing of optimization.

  • Optimize selectors to descend from an id if possible.
  • Use tag names when selecting classes and don’t use an excessive number of selectors.
  • Define variables instead of selecting the same object repeatedly.
  • Optimize your code replacing repetition with object oriented functions.

These are common optimization / performance knowledge people have. I will demonstrate advance performance tuning tips in this talk. This will provide idea to people how they can increase the performance of their jQuery code base and optimized performance of their front end or plugins or any other jQuery code.

I will cover:

  • Why everything you’ve learned about the context argument is wrong.
  • Optimal code architecture approaches, e.g. Module Pattern, Constructors, Object Literal
  • Where Sizzle doesn’t optimize where you’d think it would
  • How to write jQuery plugins that are blazingly fast

Speaker bio

This is Harsh Kothari. I am Co-Founder of SeriesQuotes and PyGuj - Python User Group Gujarat. I am working with Wikimedia Foundation for two and half year as a volunteer. I am right now working on Project named : ActivityMonitor. I was google summer of code intern for Wikimedia Foundation in 2013 and also a Google Code In mentor for them as well.

Past Speaking Experience

  • OSCON, USA, 2014
  • PyCon SG, 2014
  • PyGuj - Kick Start event, Ahmedabad, India 2014
  • FOSSASIA, Cambodia, 2014
  • Gnunify, Pune, India 2014
  • FOSDEM, Brussels, Belgium, 2014
  • Open Source Bridge, USA, 2013


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