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Push notifications with javascript

Submitted by Chetan Giridhar (@cjgiridhar) on Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Section: Full talk Technical level: Intermediate

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Speakers: Chetan Giridhar & Vishal Kanaujia

  1. Introduce the concept of Push notifications
  2. Demonstrate its utility with an example implementation


World has gone mobile and people have turned smarter. How about making your apps smarter as well? - Push messages give voice to apps and provide a messaging channel to provide information to customers based on different context.

1. Intro to Push Notifications
2. How are they useful
3. Example implementation
4. Q and A


Basic understanding of Javascript and Mobile

Speaker bio

Chetan Giridhar is a Python/JS developer and open source enthusiast. He works as a Lead Engineer & Evangelist at BlueJeans Network. He has delivered talks at open source conferences in past.

Github: github.com/cjgiridhar


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