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A Soldier’s Diary from JS battle

Submitted by Arivoli Sithananthan (@arivoli) on Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Section: Full talk Technical level: Intermediate

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Share my experience in the enterprise application development process


I will be sharing my experience and the challenges we faced in the Front end engineering for our enterprise application namely “Jiva” - Population Health Management solution. “

My discussion will be covering following areas

  1. Migration process(From legacy application)
  2. Browser Memory leak issue
  3. Handling multiple JS framework under one hood.
  4. End user’s experience & Deployment issues
  5. Learning curve for the developers
  6. Our bread and butter

Weapon Used:
Zope2.x, Python2.x, YUI2.x, TinyMCE, AngularJS, Balsamiq

Field Crashed (sorry conquered):
IE7 (yes really!, once upon a time) ,IE8 (No other way to go.), IE9, IE10, Firefox, Chrome

Speaker bio

I am one of the Soldier in ZeOmega.
Handling UI and UX battalion.
Experienced in E-Learning and Health care domain.
Having 12+years of experience in the industry, learning everyday.



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