JSFoo 2013

All about being creative with JavaScript

Aman King


TDD with JavaScript

Submitted Aug 2, 2013

This is a hands-on workshop to introduce the eXtreme Programming practice of Test Driven Development for the JavaScript language. With rich web interfaces and single page applications becoming the norm, JavaScript is increasingly used for complex logic and user interactions. Consequently testability of JavaScript has become important. TDDing JavaScript improves JavaScript code design, and makes addition of features safer and quicker.


After some background setting, most of the workshop will be driven via participants developing features one user story at a time (initial project setup will have one implemented user story already). Every 15 mins or so, the group will take a break and share experiences. The JavaScript libraries used will most likely be jQuery and Jasmine.


Laptop with a choice of browser; working knowledge of JavaScript and jQuery.

Speaker bio

Aman King is a technology consultant with ThoughtWorks. He has contributed to successful deliveries of multiple projects using technologies like Java, Rails, and JavaScript. All of these have been complex web applications, built by Agile teams distributed across the globe. He has more than 6 years of experience applying XP practices like TDD, Refactoring, and Continuous Integration.

As a speaker, Aman has presented at various events like RubyConf India, Agile NCR, Agile Philly, Barcamp Bangalore, and also guest lectures at technical institutes.



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