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Pankaj Bhageria


Querying JSON arrays using wherejs and selectjs

Submitted Aug 18, 2013

I created wherejs and selectjs to ease querying JSON arrays. They give a mongodb like interface to ease querying.

This talk aims at
1) A short tutorial to these tools.

2) Enabling you to query JSON arrays with ease, like you query a database.


It was always cumbersome to query in a JSON array or transform a JSON object/array. I always wished a Mongo db like interface existed to do this. So I created these two libraries. It would make your life much easier if your are handling lot of data at the client side.
Please refer the links wherejs.org and selectjs.org for more details.


Some understanding of mongodb interface would help.

Speaker bio

Name : Pankaj Bhageria, Lead at Sumeru Software Solutions.

Summary: RubyConf 2011 speaker, passionate about open source, created several libraries, developer, ROR, Nodejs, Meditator, loves to learn and teach.


Passionate about open source and JavaScript, I have been working on Node js and client side frameworks for more than a year now. Beginning with backbone, I have explored many MVC frameworks including ember, angular and knockout. I have also build few of my own libraries in JavaScript(see below).

I was a speaker at RubyConf2011((http://rubyconfindia.org/2011/talks.html). I have been working on open source since 2006 beginning with php, then Rails and now JS. I have worked on projects of various sizes, from one man army(from BA, to PM to developer to tester), to larger projects involving multiple people. I love teaching and have given multiple trainings on jQuery, Rails and Js(node, knockout). I believe that Spirituality and Technology can change the world and my dream is to create a software which will be used by the whole world. I am a regular Meditator and I love to help and meet new people, to learn and to teach.

Open Source Contributions

1) wherejs(wherejs.org): Its a library to search(deep search) in javascript arrays with a mongodb like interface.

2) selectjs(selectjs.org) : A javascript library to map and transfrom json object/arrays

3) dharmajs(https://github.com/panbhag/dharmajs): A Javascript SPA framework built around Knockout and sammy

4) naradjs(https://github.com/panbhag/narad): A pusher like nodejs implementation built on top of socket.io





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