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Jasmine + CoffeeScript + PhantomJS + Jenkins = CI #WIN


Shreyank Gupta


Writing client-side Unittests in Jasmine, using CoffeeScript; run them using PhantomJS and integrate with a Jenkins instance.


Getting client side JavaScript tests runs integrated with a Continuous Integration server has been a pain, mostly because JavaScript tests run on the browser.

The idea is to emulate the browser, so that test run results can be understood by a CI system.

PhantomJS can be used to solve that problem.

In this talk we will see how we can use PhantomJS to run Jasmine unit-tests written in CoffeeScript, and integrate it with a Jenkins CI instance.


Understanding of JavaScript (optionally CoffeeScript), Unittests and Continuous Integration.

Speaker bio

Shreyank Gupta works as a Software Engineer at Red Hat, Pune.

Shreyank started off his career as a web-developer and has hands-on experience in Ruby, Python and JavaScript, although he admits he is far from a polyglot. You must have noticed him talking at either RubyConf India, Pycon India, JSFoo or some other OpenSource conference.