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Jon Maim


FlatSurface: build a quality API faster

Submitted Jun 25, 2013

Learning about ways to build a quality API faster.
Watching an open source project going live on stage.


Have you written several APIs for web apps in the past? Then, just like us, you must have realised that you’ve been duplicating a lot of code.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to share API resources (like user creation/login/sign up/etc) between projects?

But every project is different! So for this to work, we would also need to be able to extend these API resources...

And while on the subject, writing input parameter validation code is so tedious, wouldn’t it be such a relief to get it automatically generated so that we can safely trust user inputs?

Last but not least, keeping an API documentation up-to-date is very painful. Couldn’t we just keep it up-to-date by automatically regenerating it?

Our lives would be much easier on the server-side if we could get a solution for all these points…

This is the reason why we built FlatSurface: our attempt to help others build a quality API faster.

FlatSurface is based on NodeJS (restify) and MongoDB (mongoose); it’s still an unreleased open-source tool, but we have already used it in 2 different projects and we’d like nothing more than to show you a demo and make it public at JSFoo.


Familiarity with NodeJS and MongoDB.

Speaker bio

Jon is having a blast at Minsh creating apps with JS for any device. He is co-organizing BangaloreJS meetups and always happy to learn more JS awesomeness.


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