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Vagmi Mudumbai


Building Single Page Apps with Backbone.js and CoffeeScript

Submitted Jan 18, 2012

The objective is to introduce the concept of single page applications, why it is useful and to demonstrate the usefulness of a framework like Backbone.js with a simple application while coding in Coffeescript.


The session would introduce Backbone.js and Coffeescript to audience via simple and easy to understand application. We will be building a simple application hands on while we introduce various concepts of Backbone.js such as Models, Collections, Views, Router and Backbone.sync while coding with what I understand are the best practices for organizing client side code.

Speaker bio

I have built several web applications on Ruby on Rails. Although these applications claim to be written in Ruby, they have more javascript code than Ruby. Initially I started out detesting Javascript and slowly fell in love with the language after reading Douglas Crockford’s Javascript the Good Parts. Later I discovered CoffeeScript and instantly fell in love with it. I have built a few applications on Backbone.js and Faye to build single page responsive web applications that never need to be refreshed and are accessible at the same time. I wish to share some of my learnings I gathered while building these applications.


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