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 jQuery essentials

Code sharing between server(node.js & mongodb) & client(browser)

Submitted by P V Sundarram (@pvsundarram) (proposing) on Feb 9, 2012

This is a proposal requesting for someone to speak on this topic. If you’d like to speak, leave a comment.

Section: Default Technical level: Advanced Session type: Tutorial Status: Submitted


Write 'run anywhere' code & reduce the amount of code written. Provide a scalable & replicable means to do this in production apps and not just for mere experiments.


Node.js has been there for a long time and the core API's have stabilized. Provide a framework, organization, methods & means to write a truly write once & 'run anywhere' code.

Speaker bio

co-founder @ ridebeat.com but predominantly node.js/html5/mongodb/js user.


  • SP

    Sunil Pai


    8 years ago

    Hey, I could do a tutorial on this. I’ll discuss strategies, some quirks, etc. I’ll talk about some framework efforts already underway by other people, and what the probable future will look like.

  • PS

    P V Sundarram


    Proposer 8 years ago

    @sunil: Are you planning to come for the hack night?
    I was thinking of building an app along these lines tomorrow.
    You interested?

  • SP

    Sunil Pai


    8 years ago

    Sorry man, I would have loved to have come for the hacknight, but I have family matters to deal with in bangalore.

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