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Praveen Kumar


jQuery essentials

Submitted Feb 11, 2012

This talk is aimed at beginner level JavaScript programmers. I’ll go through the essentials of jQuery, showing some best practices and performance tips/tricks along the way.

This talk is aimed to be a jQuery crash course.


jQuery is a popular DOM manipulation library. Getting started is so easy that almost every beginner’s code usually results in erroneous or harder-to-maintain code. I’ll also go through some of the “bad practices” that you might be possibly following.

jQuery is a very powerful library, but some of its powerful features are obscure, and unless you’ve read the jQuery source code. I’ll show some useful features of jQuery that you might not know about.


Basic understanding of JavaScript and DOM.

Speaker bio

I’m a web addict and a front-end web developer based in Bangalore. I specialize in front-end developement (HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript) and I like playing around with bleeding edge technologies.


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