Web Architecture Workshop

Web Architecture Workshop

Deep dive into the core pieces of the Web to help you build better experiences



This is a deep dive workshop for developers who have 2-3 years experience with building web applications, and who are looking to acquire skills for the next level. This workshop will cover the core foundations of the Web. Concepts covered in this workshop are framework-agnostic, and dictate the performance of your application in the long-term.

Syllabus 📖

Week #1 - Networking

A crash course on Networking and how it affects the performance of your web applications. The following topics will be covered:

  • Bandwidth & Latency
  • TCP & UDP
  • HTTP 1/1.x, HTTP/2, & HTTP/3
  • Web Sockets & WebRTC

Week #2 - Inside the browser

We will learn about lifecycle of a webpage in the browser, covering the following topics:

  • Rendering lifecycle of a Webpage
  • Resources loading optimizations
  • Deep dive into “Event Loop”
  • Browser profiling and performance optimization techniques

Format and duration📓

  • One session every weekday for two weeks
  • Each session will consist of a 50-minute lecture + 30 mins of discussion and Q&A
  • A community of peers to learn together.

Batch size

10 students per batch so that every participant gets ample attention.

Who should participate

This is not a workshop for beginners. You should be familiar with building basic web applications, using your tools of choice. The ideal candidate for this workshop is someone who has been building web application for 2-3 years and is looking to acquire skills for the next level.

About the workshop instructor

Chirag Jain is senior frontend engineer, leader, and mentor, with a focus on web application development. He has built and scaled large application from scratch at Google and Uber.

Testimonials from past participants ⭐

A must take course for those who want to understand how web works under the hood from entering the URL in browser to content load and interaction. Chirag has done an amazing job in developing the mental models of core web concepts.

- Kshitij Sharma, UI Engineer, Flipkart

The course helped me get understand the “why” behind a lot of best practices, like: TCP window scaling, CDN, & Edge networks.

- Vidya Ramakrishnan, Frontend Developer, Hasgeek

Through this program, I got to learn about best practices & cost-efficient ways to scale Web Applications. Chirag made the content interesting and full of knowledge. You won’t regret joining the course if you’re serious about Web Architecture.

- Siv Ram Shastri Jonnalagadda, Fullstack Developer, KonfHub

Contact details

For inquiries about the workshop, contact +91-7676332020 or write to support@hasgeek.com

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