Infrastructure Engineering @Scale 2020

Infrastructure Engineering @Scale 2020

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Introduction to OpenTelemetry on Kubernetes

Submitted Jul 24, 2020

This talk will provide an introduction to as a vendor neutral telemetry stack. Delve into the architecture and design of the project at a high level and end with a detailed explanation and demo of how to deploy open-telemetry on kubernetes.


  • What is Telemetry and why do we need to have an open standard for it
  • The History and lineage of OpenTelemetry
  • Architecture
  • Component Layout
  • Basic Sampling, constant, probabilistc and tail-sampling
  • Caveat of using tail-sampling w.r.t. scalability
  • Kubernetes Deployment of OpenTelemetry stack
  • Quick Demo of open-source code
  • Q&A


  • Some familiarity with observability, monitoring and tracing

Speaker bio

Joy is currently an Independent Cloud Native Infrastructure Consultant. Previously, he has been the first DevOps person at Razorpay, worked with ZoomCar and been part of the Hotstar Kubernetes Platform team for IPL2018.



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