Infrastructure Engineering @Scale 2020

Community to share and cherish their infrastructure stories and challenges at scale.

Proposal guidelines

Talks of 20 - 45mins of length, scoped to infrastructure engineering challenges and solutions. The content can take any forms like implementation stories, introduction to hypothetical solutions, best practices, inter disciplinary collaborations like AI and ML etc.

Some of the potential areas to list,
- infra scalability challenges
- cloud migration stories
- design patterns
- distributed systems, service discovery/fleet management
- novel ideas around infra operating mechanisms
- infrastructure security and monitoring systems
- bleeding edge technologies that’re worth socializing

The last date for submission is 25 Jul 2020.

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Distributed Firewall enabling Single Fabric at LinkedIn

Nisheed Meethal (@nisheed) (proposing)

  • Confirmed & scheduled
  • Thu, 23 Jul

Introduction to OpenTelemetry on Kubernetes

Hashfyre (@hashfyre)

  • Confirmed & scheduled
  • Fri, 24 Jul

A Mighty elephant's journey to the cloud - How Twitter made the elephant fly?

Abhishek J (@abhishekjt)

  • Confirmed & scheduled
  • Mon, 27 Jul