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Vishvesh Suriyanarayanan


Knock your messages around

Submitted Jul 22, 2014

Introducing a whole new way of communication that lies somewhere between a call and a text. Knock is an app that belongs to this hybrid class of instant messengers and this talk explains the motive and the need for this medium of communication.


Almost 65% of the messages we send are status messages, such as,

  • Have you left yet?
  • Where are you?
  • are we still on for the date?

Knock completely eliminates the necessity to call or text for these messages.

Sending a knock is as simple as sending a message. When you get a knock, you can respond with a single swipe. You can respond with a yes/no/message/call or location. The response is visible in the home screen.
Knock is ephemeral like Snapchat, real time like Skype, simple setup like WhatsApp.
But real-time and effective like a phone call!

The talk shall be about the need, motivation and technology behind the application.

More on knock at

Speaker bio

At Dexetra, I was part of the backend team for Knock and now I am part of the team that makes the app.
I have represented the company at numerous public events, including, the Dublin Web Summit, Blr- Droid events and more.


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