Organisation : HelloA11Y

Topic Description : One challenge that many businesses face is the timing of accessibility testing. When accessibility testing is introduced late in the development process, well after major architectural and development approaches are decided, discovery of accessibility or usability issues can be more difficult to resolve, especially if significant software changes are required. At that point, there will likely be no magic wand solution for making the content accessible. While WAI-ARIA is often seen as a way to make code accessible, applying it on complex interactions can be time consuming and potentially costly depending upon the structure of the underlying code, and it may fall short in addressing all the identified obstacles. More difficult still is making changes to the overall interaction design or visual presentation if fundamental problems are revealed during accessibility testing . The time to think about accessibility is at the beginning of the process — at the design stage, and to evaluate accessibility throughout the software development lifecycle.

Event Details :Will be conducted on Zoom and on a Youtube livestream. Links will be sent to registered participants.

About the Speaker : Irfan Ali works at ETS as a Principle Accessible Engineer. He is member of ARIA Working group and Application Platform architecture working group. Also, He is chair of Pronunciation Task Force at W3.

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