Hands-on tutorial: Building a real-time collaborative Vue.js app using GraphQL

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This tutorial will cover the fundamentals of GraphQL and the tooling required to implement GraphQL in Vue.js apps. Content includes:

  • Introduction to GraphQL (Queries, Mutations, Subscriptions)
  • Setting up GraphQL Client with Vue Apollo
  • Integrating GraphQL queries in your Vue app
  • Making use of Variables in Mutations
  • Learning how to update local cache using Apollo
  • Optimistic updates to local state in the Vue app
  • Using subscriptions in Vue components
  • Real-time feed with notification style UI
  • Testing auth and permissions

By the end of this tutorial, participants will have built a real-time to-do app in Vue, incorporating the key concepts and patterns behind building a Vue app with GraphQL.

Who should attend this workshop:

  1. This tutorial is for developers with intermediate to advanced knowledge of Vue.js. Any front-end or fullstack developer with Vue.js familiarity should attend this workshop.

Software installation requirements for the tutorial:

Participants must bring their own laptops to attend the tutorial. Mac/linux OS are preferred for this workshop. Your laptop should be able to run Node.js servers.
If you are bringing a Windows laptop inform the organizers by sending an email to info@hasgeek.com so that the same can be communicated with the instructor.

Participants must install the following software before attending the tutorial:

  1. Node.js 8+
  2. NPM/Yarn

About the instructor:

Praveen Durairaj is an Application Engineer at Hasura. His areas of interest span React, Vue, GraphQL and Docker. He is the core contributor of hasura/graphql-engine.

Workshop details:

Date: Saturday, 9 November
Time: 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM
Venue: Hasura, Terrace (3rd Floor), Building No 37/38, SBI Colony, 80 Feet Rd, 3rd Block, Koramangala, Bangalore - 560034

Contact information:

For inquiries about the workshop and tickets, call 7676332020 or email info@hasgeek.com


The Terrace @ Hasura

3rd Floor, Building No. 37/38, SBI Colony

3rd Block Koramangala, 80 Feet Road

Bengaluru - 560034

Karnataka, IN