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Infant Sam Christian


SimGen - the ultimate solution for generating synthetic datasets.

Submitted Nov 18, 2023

Problem Statement

Generating Synthetic Dataset of Indian Roads - Problems

  • Generate photo-realistic images of urban Indian driving scenes.
  • Simulate complexities like traffic congestion, unexpected road elements, and various weather conditions.
  • Enable real-time interaction with the server to produce photorealistic images.


  • Simulation based solution that can be integrated with Unity to capture the simulation and process it to provide a generated realistic image dataset.
  • Enable real-time configuration and simulation to create a varied level of dataset of huge size and different condition.
  • The tool process the video recorded in to frame and processes “n” frames from each video in equal interval.
  • The image taken is processed through a pre-finetuned version of StableDiffusion and 2 levels of controlnets.
  • The final processed images and the intermediary steps are stored in a database.


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