Grow-Along Workshop for Organic Kitchen Gardeners

Learn how to grow organic vegetables in a home kitchen garden in 12 weeks



This ONLINE ONLY kitchen gardening programme from Green Essentials is designed for people who want to learn the basics of growing vegetables and fruits organically in their own homes. The Grow-Along programme spans three months i.e., 12 sessions. The programme helps you to learn at a slower pace (instead of a typical one hour webinar), and to have access to guidance as you are growing.

This programme is for BEGINNERS.

We will share tips and growing guides, and hand-hold participants with growing advice through the early 2021 growing season. The sessions will be focused on the learning needs of balcony and terrace gardeners, but will also be useful for folks growing in backyards or front yards.

As participants, you should ideally grow along with us as we share information about what we’re doing in our own garden from week to week. You will need to share pictures and other information on what you are doing with us.

Programme Contents:

  1. How to design your garden - creating a garden layout and seasonal growing plan.
  2. Building better soil - organic soil improvement and maintenance.
  3. Setting up nurseries - germinating seeds, creating cuttings, growing microgreens.
  4. Caring for your plants - periodic application of nutrients and pest prevention practices.
  5. Dealing with common pests and diseases - how to use organic methods for dealing with these problems.
  6. Harvesting and beyond - When and how to harvest and planning replacement plantings.

Requirements: You will need a Zoom account with the app installed on your phone, and a decent internet connection to participate. A growing space (balcony, terrace or garden) with good sunlight is ideal to follow along and implement the learnings from the programme.
A list of tools/materials you may need will be sent to you when you register.

Scheduled LIVE Webinar dates: The LIVE sessions will be from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM on the following Wednesdays:

  1. In January: 13th, 20th
  2. In February: 3rd, 17th
  3. In March: 3rd, 10th, 24th, 31st (last live webinar)**

Note: Session dates are unlikely to change. In case of rescheduling any session, participants will be informed well in advance.

Cancellations/Refunds: 100% refund will be issued for cancellations until 12th January 2020.

Contact details:

  1. For assistance with registrations contact Hasgeek on +91-7676332020.
  2. For more details about the session content, call or message Green Essentials on +918087000708.

The Grow-Along Program Format:
Our goal with this Grow-Along program is to have a steady and continuous learning process over an actual growing season, which is approximately three months - January to March 2021. While an important part of the learning process will be the LIVE webinars where we teach, we will also continue guiding you in various ways between the live webinars as you GROW-ALONG IN YOUR GARDEN.

A total of 8 x 90-minute Live Webinar sessions spread across 12 weeks, starting 13th Jan upto 31st March, 2021 (see webinar dates above). The sessions will be conducted online from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM on Wednesdays (according to the scheduled dates below). Access to Webinar recordings will also be provided in case you want to go back and review something later.

Additional information and content will be shared with you between the sessions to refresh and detail things that have been discussed. This will include access to garden notes, growing plans, pictures, videos, and other guides to help develop your home kitchen or terrace garden.

Some of you may want help solving more specific issues in your gardens. We’ll help you find solutions to problems you may face as you grow along with us via comments and interactive forums on this page. This is a forum for all our participants to learn, ask questions, post comments and interact with instructors and co-participants.

About the resource persons:

Yogita Mehra started Green Essentials in Goa, out of an interest in the environment, a desire for better food quality and her passion for kitchen gardening. Involved in environmental causes since college, she went on to get her Masters in Environmental Economics from the University of Massachusetts. Yogita was a researcher with The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI).
Karan Manral is a co-founder at Green Essentials. He has been involved with kitchen gardening, organic farming and urban tree planting initiatives in Goa. With stints in technology media, communication and marketing, Karan has been trying to make growing food more accessible for folks new to urban farming.

About Green Essentials: Green Essentials, based in Goa, guides people who are looking to improving the quality of their food, by growing it organically at home. Learn more about Green Essentials here:

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