Meetup 12

This meetup is in Bangalore for women who write Javascript or who wish to learn Javascript

Kavitha Hn

Critical rendering path - Sequence of steps browser carries to render html

Submitted Sep 22, 2019

Beginners to intermediate who is interested in building performance oriented web applications or improve any existing browser performance


Key take aways would be how DOM gets constructed,how DOM can be partially loaded, CSS object model(CSSOM), why cssom is renderblocking.



Speaker bio

I am Kavitha I work as Senior Developer at Tesco. I am passionate about coding also share little things which I learn. Also love to empower women more in technology.



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A meetup for women who write JavaScript (or who want to learn JavaScript). Come discuss your work, interests, and ideas! Look out this space for future meetups. Want to present some interesting idea or talk about informative web development concepts you learnt recently, submit your talk here https:… more