Mobile apps security consultation with Appsecco

On 25 June, Appsecco conducted a session on the common mistakes that developers make when building mobile apps:

As a follow-up, Appsecco offers 25 minute consultation session (four slots) on mobile apps security. In the office hours session, you can talk to Appsecco about:

  1. Common developer mistakes while building mobile apps and API systems
  2. How to identify security weaknesses in mobile apps from the point of view of a security tester

Each slot is for 25 mins only.

Who should be present in each office hours slot:

  1. Mobile and API developers
  2. Product Architects
  3. Security Testers

About Appsecco: Appsecco is a specialist application security company, founded in 2015, providing industry leading security advice that is firmly grounded in commercial reality. Appsecco’s services cover the entire software development life-cycle, from advising on how to build and foster a culture of security within development teams and organisations to reviewing and advising on the security of applications and associated infrastructure under development to providing rapid response and advice in the event of a security breach or incident.
Clients range from major global financial institutions and professional services firms to leading international retailers and retail brands and from large scale, heavy engineering companies to cutting edge technology companies across the globe.
In addition to client-facing work, Appsecco’s technical team is actively involved in researching and developing new and better ways to stay secure. The technical staff can regularly be found presenting their findings at industry conferences and events ranging from nullcon in India, DevSecCon in London, Boston and Singapore, to Black Hat and DEF CON, the world’s largest security trade show and conferences, respectively, held annually in the USA.
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Contact information: For inquiries about the event, call 7676332020 or email

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