Kotlin users' meetup

Share your use case with Kotlin; learn from your peers' experiences

This meetup is for users of Kotlin (beyond Android). The meetup will cover:

  1. Getting Started With Kotlin:
  • Migrating from Java to Kotlin
  • What are the biggest wins ?
  • Any drawbacks ?
  1. Advantages on Different Platforms
  • Kotlin for Android - gains, losses, industry trends
  • Kotlin for servers - KTor, current state, industry trends
  1. Kotlin Deep Dive
  • Reactive and Asynchronous Programming
    -- How useful are coroutines ? Are they a game changer ? Anything to watch out for ?
    -- Flows, Channels, Streams - can Kotlin stdlib replace RxJava ?
  1. What’s new in Kotlin 1.4
  2. Experiments and Opportunities with Kotlin
  • Kotlin Multiplatform
    -- Where is the ecosystem right now ?
    -- Can KMP be used for production cross-platform iOS/Android apps ?
    -- Opportunities and challenges with Kotlin/JS ?

Arnav Gupta and Pulkit Aggarwal from Coding Blocks; Rohan Maity from Red Hat; and Madhusudhan Sambojhu from Able.do will facilitate discussions and offer guidance/advice to participants.

Who should participate: If you are a new user of Kotlin - from one week to one year - participate in this meetup. Participants will be expected to share their experiences, since this meetup follows a peer-to-peer learning format.

Participation: Post your questions and comments, prior to the meetup, in the Comments section. References, including blogs and links, will be filtered and shared as per each use case and peculiar questions.

Zoom link for the meetup will be shared with registered participants two days prior to the meetup.

For inquiries, call 7676332020 or write to fragments.editorial@hasgeek.com


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Getting started with Kotlin

Getting started with Kotlin

Rohan Maity, Arnav Gupta, Madhusudhan Sambojhu, Pulkit Aggarwal

2 hours20 June 2020

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