Call for round the year submissions for Fragments in 2019

Call for round the year submissions for Fragments in 2019

Submit a proposal at any time in the year on mobile engineering, state of mobile platforms, and building products with mobile. We will find you a suitable opportunity to share your work.

Make a submission

Submissions are closed for this project

We have closed submissions for Fragments Conf, Bangalore edition which will be held on 30 March. If you wish to submit a proposal for the conference, make a submission here.

About Fragments:

Fragments is a conference on mobile engineering, including:

  1. State of platforms/OS
  2. Hardware
  3. Engineering approaches and paradigms
  4. UX

In 2019, Fragments is a traveling conference with editions in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, and potentially Hyderabad and Kochi (in the second half of 2019).

Topics for submission:

We seek proposals – for short and long talks, Birds of Feather (BOF) session topics, and workshops + tutorials – on the following topics:

  1. Deep dive technical talks on Flutter.
  2. AR Core: practical approaches and the business use cases.
  3. Reducing app size to below 10MB and how to cater for lower-end phones.
  4. PWA caching strategies.
  5. ML Kit (ML Kit | Google Developers).
  6. On device ML.
  7. Server-side ML.
  8. Progressive ML, where the fallback is on-device ML when the device goes offline.
  9. Functional programming for mobile.
  10. Coroutines in Kotlin.
  11. Mobile specific user research.
  12. Case studies from teams which have switched away from cross platform approaches.
  13. Use cases for which Native apps work versus use cases where it doesn’t make sense to build Native apps.
  14. Deep dive talks on performance.
  15. Optimising for lower-end hardware.
  16. Future of chatbots for conversations on mobile.
  17. Automating design to code.

Contact us:

If you have questions/queries, write to us on

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ishaan malik


Debian Packaging

Submitted Apr 19, 2019

Hands on session on Debian packaging , how can you have your own python or ruby package like numpy or pandas .
Along with that will be providing guidance of how to apply in Open Sourceand what are it’s benefits .
Here is the link , about what is Debian packaging and how one can be a Debian developer or can make there own package

Here is the link to my previous talk , I was selected to speak at Debutsav 2019 by Debian (You will find me in the speakers list)


So I will be starting with how open source works and how debian is playing its role , Why Linux and then starting with the installation of some NPM packages and Docker , after that will be telling the openes or recent bug fixes and how they can either enhance the existing package or make on eof there own .


1 A little bit knowledge of Command line and linux (if not then also will be teaching )
2 Install Docker on the system .
3 Read about Debian what it is and how it started .
4 A basic knowledge of any programming language .

Speaker bio

I am a researcher in the field of Advanced Algorithms and models , I am Open Source contributor for a few organizations like Fossasia , Mozilla , IBM .Likes to spread knowledge and help others .Having a passion for solving Accessibility issues and I love going hackathons, attending conferences, and Travelling.



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ishaan malik

Mobile app with NativeScript-Vue

you’ll work at your own pace to build a complete mobile app in the NativeScript Playground and running on your iOS or Android mobile device more

23 Apr 2019